About Us


KevinRyanMuccularThat’s My Dog began in 2013 as the fulfillment of the dream of entrepreneurs, Ryan and Kevin Muccular, to bring a gourmet twist to a classic and well-loved food concept- the hot dog cart. With Ryan’s training in culinary arts, some delicious family recipes, and their incredible love for serving people with a smile, Ryan and Kevin have built a loyal and ever-growing following of customers.

The company’s motto, “Everyone is a VIP at TMD!”, holds true as they make the experience more like a special event tan stepping up to a street vendor and ordering a dog. Instead, customers waltz down the red carpet laid in front of the cart and are delighted to find out they can add any topping they want to thier gourmet hot dog of choice.
While That’s My Dog offers delicious and pallet-pleasing food, most important to them is to impact people with genuine care and positivity in just the few minutes they interact with each customer.

Whether it be an individual purchasing a hot dog from thier cart, a corporate event or a birthday party, they are committed to providing fresh food that is designed with your tastebuds in mind.


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