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Gourmet Hotdogs

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  • #1: Puppy Dog: $5.99 (JV) $6.99 (V) $7.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef dog perfect for small appetite. Feeling hungry? Upgrade to the varsity dog or link then load it up with the fresh toppings.

  • #2: Grandma Reeds Cajun Slaw Dog: $6.99 (JV) $7.99 (V) $8.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef or veggie dog topped with Grandma Reed's cajun slaw, then drizzed with that sauce.

  • #3: The Ratatouille: $7.99

    Our 100% soy protein dog loaded with our smoked eggplant, onions, bell peppers, and zucchini, then finished with fresh diced tomato.

  • #4: Dirty Dog: $7.99 (JV) $8.99 (V) $9.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef dog topped with our meaty chili, shredded cheese, mustard and diced onion.

  • #5: BBQ Beef Brisket Dog: $8.99 (JV) $9.99 (V) $10.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef dog topped with our signature smoked brisket shredded cheese diced onion and that sauce.

  • #6: Frito Pie Dog: $9.99 (JV) $10.99 (V) $11.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef dog topped with our meaty chili chredded cheese, diced onion, diced tomato, sour cream, and fritos.

  • #7: Texacali Dog: $9.99 (JV) $10.99 (V) $11.99 (L)

    Our 100% beef dog topped with our in-house smoked bbq brisket Grandma Reed's cajun slawy and That Sauce.

Gourmet Fries

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  • #1 The Dud Spud: $2.99

    French fries cooked to a golden perfection sprinkled with our homemade TMD Seasoning

  • #2 Frito Pie Fry: $5.99

    The Dud Spud topped with our award winning chili, queso, sour cream, fresh diced tomato and a final frito crunch topping

  • #3 Mexicali Fries: $7.99

    The Dud Spud topped with our tender smoked BBQ Brisket, queso, pico de gallo, and sour cream then drizzled with Grandma Reed's cajun slaw sauce, and T

KJ's Italian Ice

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  • That Ice Mango: $3.00

  • That Ice Strawberry: $3.00

  • That Ice Blue Raspberry: $3.00

Grab and Go

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  • 20oz Fountain Beverage: $1.50

  • Bottled Water: $0.99

  • Canned Soda: $0.99

  • Chips: $0.99


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